Magic Has Gone Awry

Somewhere on Roc's Way

Urgathoa be praised. The plans for the celebration of the goddess’ victory could commence. Urgathoa had stolen young and sent them to this magic forsaken island for the past several decades. And now, magic had returned and it was time to hunt out the souls touched by magic and sacrifice them with their magically untainted counterparts. Urgathoa had said she would try to send the tainted ones to this island, but so far all the newcomers had been blessed by gods opposed to Urgathoa. It was like they knew she was trying to strengthen her power and eliminate the worship of any other gods or goddesses. Soon, some of the tainted ones would hear the story of their untainted counterparts. It was tasked by Urgathoa to tell them. Hmm…who to start with? The counterparts of the ones who had escaped seemed liked a good idea. Summoning a psuedodragon to deliver the message and report back might be wiser than delivering the message in person. It just would take time to see if Urgathoa had already called those counterparts in as newcomers. The sorcerer pulled out the scrying bowl…


Megiana Megiana

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