Magic Has Gone Awry

Session 3 Overview

Sean officially began his training under Taboo having bonded to the element of air. Shiro and Livvy met the new apprentice at the edge of the Caravans accompanied by a collector of the thieves’ guild named Namo (expertly played by Gary). The group took a tour of the Caravans and were approached by a variety of interested individuals. All three were commanded to cast and learned that they have some wizard spell abilities. Sean stayed with Taboo. Shiro and Livvy stayed with the Merdrake’s crew. Shiro was approached again by Louisa to start his training that had been discussed. Livvy’s room was entered by Shardis who was drunk and overly amorous with poison on his blades. Sean overheard a conversation amongst Nikk, Louisa, and Jubie about better ways to get the newcomers. After some chaos, a trial was held. Louisa was turned over to Ielenia. Shardis was cleared as a victim having had magic cast on him. Nikk died resisting coming before Marshal Anku. Shiro and Livvy officially joined the caravan. The three of them and Ryan visited the Dane and were given Newcomer welcome kits in thanks for their defense of Merdrake’s Port and offered to remain in Havelock. Only Ryan took up that offer. The goods from the orcs were traded for coins and good. Livvy was fascinated with the potions and elixirs of the Merchant Trask. Everyone was assigned to one vardo (that of Erica) for sleeping. Sean started his training with Taboo. That evening, Sean stayed with Erica for supper. Shiro and Livvy ate at the common meal. Livvy talked Sean into trying to teach Shiro to flirt to blend in with the ’van and to go stargazing. Stargazing ended the night.


Megiana Megiana

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