Magic Has Gone Awry

A Eon Ago

A prelude to Roc's Way Campaign

A thousand years ago, the Dark Ages of Roc’s Way began with the fulfillment of two parents’ wishes. The father wished for the troubles of the evil extraplanars to never be able to touch his unborn child. The mother wished for the troubles of the elemental planes to never trouble her unborn child. Unfortunately for the people of Roc’s Way, both the king and queen had wished to creatures who could grant them their wishes. The king had given his wish to a devil in disguise and the queen to a demon in disguise. When the princess was born, all the island kingdom was truly joyous. Then, the magic storms hit and Roc’s Way was separated from the inner and outer planes. The clerics could not channel the healing energy of their gods, merchants could not transport their goods through the astral plane to any region besides the island, the elemental beings had disappeared overnight. Roc’s Way had always been isolated from the rest of the material world by The Triangle, a dangerous magic filled section of ocean, but now they were all but cut off.

Nine hundred ninety eight years ago, in a tiny village on the continent of Golarian, a grandmother offered her three wishes to the genie she had rescued. The first wish was that the positive and negative energy of the inner planes be returned as the demon had added them to her daughter-in-law’s wish. Her remaining wishes were that her granddaughter be allowed to live beyond her parents’ folly and that a time limit be put on her son and daughter-in-law’s foolish wishes. The genie was able to grant her those wishes, but the effects of the parents’ wishes would last 1000 years. In honor of the grandmother’s kindness, the genie stated he would grant the granddaughter agelessness from the time she first saw her grandmother until he could fulfill all her grandmother’s wishes.

The Triangle of dangerous waters surrounding Roc’s Way took on new dangers as the energy plane forced its way back onto Roc’s Way. The healers could reach their magic, but storms startied spawning from the demiplanes forged by connections from the material, astral, ethereal, shadow, and energy planes. The storms and demiplanes themselves made journeying The Triangle more risky than ever before.

Nine hundred ninety one years ago, the bravest of the Roc Rider’s brought the last Roc home. The Roc Rider had been escorting a trade ship in and the magic storms of The Triangle had almost destroyed the ship and the roc had almost fallen as well. The storms were ever increasing in intensity and it was doubtful trade with the material realm would be able to continue. The training of Roc Riders was suspended and the father went home to his queen wife and five children. He vowed to train his daughter in the ways of the Roc Riders even if his wish had destroyed any chance of her becoming one.

Nine hundred eighty nine years ago, Ielenia had climbed into the floating mountains at the young age of eleven and had bonded with a hatchling Roc. She had been happy in her life and enjoyed soaring above the clouds watching the storms. Soon, she knew she would have to grow up and take on roles of leadership and responsibility, but for now she was a young princess soaring with the rocs.

Nine hundred eighty eight years ago, a ship had managed to find its way through the magic storms. At its helm had stood a formidable elven woman and Ielenia had seen traces of her mother in the woman’s face. The Stormseeker had finally come home and the last Roc Rider finally got to meet her grandmother, the exiled queen of Roc’s Way. Her human grandfather had exiled his wife for having an affair, but she had returned anyway. This story would be told for many years.

Ielenia had taken her roc back to the castle and tended him. She went willing for a change to get prepared as a princess to meet her grandmother. Ielenia had gone when she was bid and saw the fear and sadness in her parents’ faces. What had she done wrong now? ‘Were you out flying today, daughter?’ Ielenia had known she would never forget the look on her parents’ faces as she answered. “Yes, I was watching the storms. I saw the Stormseeker come in a figured I would be called to meet her captain, my grandmother.”

Ielenia had stayed still through her parents’ and grandmother’s stories of the wishes they had been granted. For a thousand years, sorry, for nine hundred and eighty eight years, she would remain at the age she was now and be forced to watch the changes of her country and her people. She would have to watch the storms that raged and kept Roc’s Way isolated. She would be forced to pay a huge price for the wishes her parents made before she was even born. Ielenia revoked her title as Princess of Roc’s Way and had her parents name her brother as heir. She took the title of Storm Watcher and left with her roc.

Five hundred years ago, the last of the rulers of the line of the Roc Riders died. Civil war came upon the land of Roc’s Way. It had been brewing for generations as all magic except healing was gone. Living cut off from all civilization was not easy on people. War would not be easy either. The Storm Watcher often flew over the island with her roc, but she made it a point to remain as hidden as she could. Her needs were simple and she mourned the fall of her family. She had found out that she could not die. It was a side effect of her grandmother’s wish apparently.

Two hundred years ago, the central nation of the Taldan had stolen the science of fireworks from the northern nation of the Vudrani. They began using their science to weaponize it and make weapons that shot like a bow, but were more deadly. The Chelaxian nation started devolving back into the Azlanti and Ulfen cultures

One hundred years ago, the southern nation of the Taldan finished building their new fortress, Vivecka, having successfully used their firework weapons to subdue two other nations. All that remains of the once flourishing cultures of the Mwangi and Kellid are the cities of Sharik and Pandravon. The Keleshites joined the Taldan instead of fighting for their independence.

Ten years ago, a peace treaty was signed between the southern nation known as Vivecka, the northern nation known as Hari Arun, the Varisians, and the Vikings as the former Chelaxians are called. It established a center for peace at Xing Xing Amal, The Wish of the Two Stars. Many of the Tian and Garundi run this monastery.

Today, the genie appeared from an intense storm and told the Storm Watcher Ielenia that her grandmother’s wish was now fulfilled. The elemental planes and outer planes would now be able to interact with Roc’s Way again. He warned her that she would now age and be mortal, that the magic storms would get worse and change as new demiplanes formed and faded in time, and that interactions with the material plane would slowly become possible. He showed her the epicenters of the connections to the elemental planes and wished her good luck with her life. The Dark Ages of Magic on Roc’s Way ended.

Nine years in the future, your characters arrive on Roc’s Way in a storm of magic.


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