Firearms (from Campaign Setting Book): Require Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms)

RARE! (More common on Roc’s Way than elsewhere in the lands, albeit only three types are available. They are called “fireworks weapons” on Roc’s Way.)

Provoke Attack of Opportunity when using. Exploding dice for damage.

Musket (2 handed, misfires on 1 or 2) 1,800 gp 1d8×3 90/180 Capacity 1 (1 round reload)

Pistol (1 HD, MF on 1) 1,400 gp 1d6×2 60/120 Capacity 1 (move action reload, +2 SoH to conceal)

Rifle (2 HD, MF on 1, small creatures -2) 3,000 gp 1d8×3(19-20) 150/300 C 1 (move action reload)

Rounds can be readily purchased in cold iron, silver, steel, or elementally enhanced. Iron rounds are very rare.


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