Livvy Riverkin

Half-Elf Rogue


Age: 21

Chaotic Good (follower of Desna)

Vice: Figuring out how things work

Rogue 1

Newcomer from River Kingdoms

Forbidden Classes: Druid, Paladin, Inquisitor



Livvy was running trying to find shelter from the storm. This was not a natural storm. She could see streaks of magic in it; swirling masses of colors. She took care to keep her great-grandfather’s warhammer close to her side. Livvy had been going to show it to the Varisian lad she had plans with, but the storm came out of nowhere. Livvy tripped over a root that she swore wasn’t there before. Such was life when she was too close to Uringen. She rose covered in mud and wiped her eyes only to see a swirl of magic reaching down and capturing her. The magic pulsed and carried her. Desna guide her travels and let the magic bring her home. The colors faded, but a storm still raged. This was not home. A barren outcrop of rocks with nothing to shelter her was not her idea of fun.

A streak of magic hit her and she stumbled to the ground. Getting up was strange. She reached for the warhammer only to see a claw grab it, but she knew she had touched it. Something was on her back, she turned to try and see and saw metallic scales and wings. What had happened to her? She grabbed the warhammer in her claw as she heard a sweet singing. She couldn’t lose her weapon. She saw a mermaid singing in the storm and was entranced. She did not even notice the mud coating her turning into stone until she was frozen in place.

Livvy was thankful that she had wiped the mud from her eyes and mouth so she could at least breath and see, but she was trapped in a form not her own and stone. She saw the magic storm intensify and in one of the larger ripples she saw a stone dragon looking back at her. She started crying. She had been turned into the one thing her parents had stolen and lost. She’d never believed in dragons and now she was a statue of one. She’d never get her parents to claim her now or get to celebrate Stone stealing the Bachelor’s Snuff. Livvy cried herself to sleep as the storm raged around her.

Livvy Riverkin

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