Magic Has Gone Awry

Session 9 Overview

Everyone was woke in the night to see the comet going through the twin stars and changing their colors. In the morning, your guides wake you at “dawn” – predawn and encourage you to check on your rocs as this is the expected custom. There you encounter Josie who is given leave to speak freely by Shiro. She lets you know what kind of gear you need for mounted combat.

You visit the Pagoda of the past and find a set of equipment is disrepair, a book that has recorded your deeds and records your visit as you watch, ranged aerial tactics used by past roc riders, and that the Stormwatcher has died 150 times by Livvy’s calculations. A skipping gypsy type boy starts following you as you leave the museum and you figure out that he is actually Tendaurix the great wyrm gold dragon. You are taken to his winery and enjoy a fine glass of wine as your basic (and most expensive) equipment is fetched from his hoard.

Josie leads you to The Wyvern’s Wing where you meet Blue Eyes who seems familiar with what you need for mounted combat and is willing to come measure your rocs for battle beaks and claws. He tries to get to take Josie to lunch, but you don’t let him. Shiro pulls a smooth one and sends Sean & Josie to lunch at the Twisted Wing where Sean’s guide is not allowed in not because she’s a dhampir but because she’s a member of the assassin’s guild. Shiro takes Livvy to lunch at the Cherry Blossom with their guides who eat in the establishment, not the garden. Josie gets Sean seriously drunk and then takes him plane stepping on the way back to the Rookery. Shiro and Livvy do individual shopping before returning to the Rookery to find out Sean is a happy drunk. Blue Eyes measures your rocs including Sean’s with Josie’s help in shutting Sean up. You all get a really good deal as you had rescued his half-sister Talon. Josie put Sean to bed and Shiro & Livvy went shopping for ranged weapons.

Everyone meets back up at the Moonlit Dream where Sean is dressed in a black kimono as Josie had stolen all his clothes. Josie shows up having bought a ticket for the tour. You watched sunset over the twin falls and see the rainbow effect that it is famous for. As you watch the stars come out, you notice a magic storm incoming. Rashid & Kamashid work together and get you back to the dock before the storm hits. You don’t have a lot of time to go anywhere and Josie suggests you come back to where she’s staying as it’s close. You are taken to the Palace of the Gods which is a lovely establishment. The not so lovely part is that you are set up into combat with two succubi.

You survive. Livvy takes a drunk Shiro to bed. Sean ends up having a rough edged conversation with Josie after he follows her out into the storm and gets her come back.


Megiana Megiana

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