Magic Has Gone Awry

Session 8 Overview

Shiro had made symbols for the Roc Riders and gave them to Sean & Livvy. Livvy collected gargoyle dust and made three weapon blanches while Sean & Shiro did their meditations. She gave each of you one silver blanched weapon. The Roc Riders went to war against a kyton and three doppelgangers while Ryan defeated a slaver bare handed. The kyton’s chains almost destroyed Shiro, but as she whipped her chains into Livvy who had come to heal Shiro one chain tripped her and Livvy took the opportunity and finished her off with a burst of lightning arcing from her warhammer.

As Sean dismissed his mist and entangling plants, two young creatures (an orcling and a wolfling) were discovered to have been running to Livvy’s aid. They were reluctant to give way as a second group of slavers came in bringing with them warriors who had been hunting one of the young slaves. They died fighting with the exception of Vex Jera who surrendered immediately. Two military petradon riders came and the senior of the two, Commander Morgan, had words with Shiro ending in the two riders leaving and young Sophia recognizing that the Moonlit Dream would be coming.

Shiro intimidated the third group into giving up the three very young children who were not to be slaves, but were being brought as an offering of pets to the kyton. The drow Lilena agreed to spread word of the Roc Rider’s about. Just as the last of the freed slaves were finishing preparation for the airship to arrive a fourth party arrived. The group of five offered to give the four slaves up for the kyton’s chains. Livvy pegged this as a bounty hunting operation and the group of nine negotiated information on how to restore the orcling Mizra to her true form for the kyton’s chains. As a parting statement, the drow of the the group let it slip that the bounty on Mizra was higher than that on the kyton’s chains.

The Moonlit Dream arrived powered by Rashid’s daughter and Kamashid negotiated with Livvy that her father could come aboard if he powered the ship. Captain Anna and Livvy negotiated for two weapon blanche formulae in exchange for transporting everyone back and a true airship tour. Cmdr Morgan and Sgt MacDouglas escorted Livvy, Shiro, and the group of freed slaves back to the temple while Ryan and Sean escorted Vex Jera back to his mercenary guild and Calawyn to the seer Darkness. A fairy of the deepwood took the rocs to the rookery and everyone met back up there and were assigned rooms in the observatory for the night.


Megiana Megiana

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