Magic Has Gone Awry

Session 7 Overview

Upon waking, Sean & Shiro discovered their god-touched weapons with their gear. Livvy had a crayon drawing from her niece, Nadia. Sean helps the boys make a wreath for Livvy and the three of them deliver it. When you go to have Apple check out your new weapons, you discover that they are masterwork and have magic, but are not magical. Anku informs you that you are to wear your armbands of the Roc Riders and bring your god-touched weapons, whatever they are, to dinner and have the dust removed from your clothes.

Formal party with feast followed by a the legendary ritual of the champions. Three rocs appear and seem inclined to belong to you. The three of you take the oath of the Roc Riders as well as having been blessed by the ritual. A storm of elements with lightning grows overhead and you found a black whirlpool above a pond that was a portal into the Old Ways. You finish enjoying the celebration at the party (with cake, music, and dancing).

After goodbyes to the Caravan, you enter the portal to the Old Ways. Sean asks Rashid (who insisted on coming with you) how old he was, which he didn’t answer by did state that he was old enough to know there were six doors in the room when you only saw five. Livvy disarms the shocking floor trap and Shiro figures out that your eyes are being deceived and the wall isn’t a wall despite how it looks. At the head of the Trade Ways, you find a map of the Trade Ways and Old Ways (with stone tablets version of the maps – at least one of which you pick up) and what appears to be a portal to other nations, but it seems blocked by the demiplanes that surround Roc’s Way.

You travel three days on the Trade Way and exit at a doorway about a week’s journey from Xing Xing Amal. You defeat 4 gargoyles while your rocs snack on griffons and Rashid talks to a phoenix that you didn’t see until the gargoyles were dead. The Phoenix of the Mountains of the Twin Stars tells you, after introductions, about the immediate surrounding area: Dragon, Dwarven settlement, and slavers. A decision is made to go after the slavers. An elven lady goes to enter the ruins of the Phoenix and you attempt to stop her until she looks at Sean and tells him, “Apprentice of my daughter, let me pass”.

Livvy spots a drow assassin hiding near the entrance to the ruins as you go to leave. After Livvy points him out, Shiro acknowledges him and Sean nods his way before turning away from him. Livvy doesn’t understand why you don’t want to go talk to him, but started to leave with you. She froze in place as he said something in undercommon which ended up being a warning that the red dragon was out hunting less than an hour away. You decided to stay in the part of the ruins by the well and Livvy went to talk to the drow. Shiro came back with her after she explained that she learned that he and his wife, the elf, were here because their youngest daughter had been taken by slavers on a school field trip to see the native wildlife (dinosaurs) in their natural habitat. Shiro invites Darkness, the drow, and his wife to enjoy their hospitality much to Sean’s distress.

Darkness and Peacemaker Rainfeather take up the offer and Rainfeather talks to the lads while Livvy and Darkness talk poisons and other dark arts. Rainfeather reveals that Peach MacDouglas is at the temple in Xing Xing Amal and arrived in the same storm as you three. Sean is informed that Peach was in the process of being betrothed to him.


Megiana Megiana

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