Magic Has Gone Awry

Session 6 Overview

Sean helped Taboo prepare for the homesending ritual. Homesending ritual went off with the side effect of your mothers coming and Taboo being rendered unconcious. Livvy’s mother attacked both Shiro & Sean for interfering with the disciplining of her daughter. She remained less time than Sean & Shiro’s mothers. Sean’s mother made the entire caravan honorary members of the Clan MacMillan so that the rules of introductions dinna apply. Shiro’s mother made a favorable impression on the caravan. Everyone is thankful that Livvy kept her mother away from the caravan. After 17 hours, Taboo came round much to the relief of Bidden. An hour later, after some interesting exchanges between Sean’s mother and Taboo the last two mother’s left.

Livvy disappears (by abduction) after lunch and Dirk is poisoned and left for dead. Rashid finds Livvy and comes back and tells Sean & Shiro that he hopes they can get to her. As darkness falls, Sean & Shiro are greeted by Jarngerd and Arngeir in their true form (trumpet archons) and are told that they bar the way for a trial of the gods. Sean & Shiro both agree to wait to start their trials until Livvy’s trial begins (when tomorrow becomes today, the day she was born). Two gods and three champions await inside where Livvy is caged and manacled as her mother is being fed to the red mantis. Shiro realizes that the two evil gods are trying to trick them and that the only thing in the cage is the body of Livvy’s mother. Sean finds the treant Oakleaf who was trapped in the trial grounds. Shiro sees a copper tail hiding being the giant oak and they find Livvy. Hours pass and as midnight nears Druid Jennings appears to stand as witness for Gozreh. Hitsu Kinzo appears to stand as witness for Sarenrae. Tatters arrives last as a priestess of Torag to be the law speaker and judge of this trial. No one stands witness for Desna.

The chosen of the gods Gozreh, Sarenrae, and Desna are lucky creatures while the ones they are fighting (skeletal champion made from the corpse of Livvy’s father, a quasit, and a giant mantis) have cursed luck. Tattersail judges the chosen worthy to be champions and the representatives of the other gods disappear leaving behind the corpses of Livvy’s parents. Sean accepts the championship of Gozreh for the natural order of Roc’s Way. Shiro accepts the championship of Sarenrae for the good of the people of Roc’s Way. Livvy accepts the champsionship of Desna for the freedom of Roc’s Way after it is revealed what dragon named her. Shiro and his father both recognize that Waybringer is not just some dragon it is Aspu, the god of dragons who named her. Livvy doesn’t totally buy this. You are granted 30 minutes with those who present you the gifts of the gods for becoming their champions if you wish it (and you did). Once championships are accepted the wall goes down. Rashid and Oakleaf enter, Taboo & Petra are flying above the trial grounds.

You burn the bodies of Livvy’s parents per her request so that there is no chance they will come back again. Taboo takes you to meet Fiacre, her husband, so that you can see what you are fighting for. The evil that is trying to take over this land will turn a good man into a raving beast. You are told that if you tell Bidden her husband lives, you will not. As dawn comes, Sean is taken by Taboo to Bidden’s vardo and Shiro takes Livvy to hers. You will be sleeping for the start of the morning as you have been up all night.

[Game play will resume at dusk on Livvy’s birthday; the day you became champions of Roc’s Way.]

Gifts of the gods to their champions:

All – Divine favor : Turn in chip for (1) automatic hit on target, on anything besides a 1 it is a confirmed critical hit, (2) use of a spell on your spell list even if you did not prepare it [does not count against your usage of spells per day], or (3) change known spell for any spell on your list [includes spells on the elemental wizard list of equal level to spells granted by being touched by the elements].

Sean – Druid’s Vestaments & Ring of Animal Friendship

Shiro – Monk’s Robes

Livvy – Elven Chain, Formulae for making weapons blanches (cold iron, silver, and adamantine), Plain black robe of useful things


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