Magic Has Gone Awry

Session 5 Overview

Sean chose to go with Petra to Taboo instead of staying with Eve. He got to see sunrise diminish the full moon and southern lights and learned the portends that this spells a storm coming in. After climbing down a steep mountainside, he collected mistletoe and got the traditional kiss on the cheek from Taboo. They walked to meet the Caravan as a snow storm moved in.

The storm hit the caravan very rapidly. The scouts (Bey, Kreya, and apprentice Livvy) scrambled to find someplace before the worst of the storm hit. Bey got lost and ended up tripping over Sean and Taboo. Kreya found a slight windbreak, but Livvy stumbled onto a grove by seeing something red & shiny which you later figure out was probably a yeti eye. The caravan straggled into the grove as the conditions became blizzard like. Shiro & Sean were on guard duty, Livvy on scout, and Ryan was aiding with settling the caravan in. Ryan & Sean paired up. Livvy & Shiro did the same. Sean & Shiro started magically lighting the caravan lights. Ryan heard a sound he interpreted as talking and pointed it out to Sean. Their stopping alerted Shiro & Livvy who went to join them. Livvy understood the voices and realized that the lights had attracted the attention of what the group assumed were Yeti. She blew her I found something scout whistle to alert the caravan and yelled out an invitation to parley that they didn’t have to fight.

Shiro threw a dancing light into the blizzard. One of the Yeti came to the light to parley and passed on that there were giants and wyverns out hunting. Before having a chance to interact further, you heard the giants enter the fray. As battle commenced the storm started lessening in intensity (~10 minutes after the caravan circled into the grove). Livvy fought in her dragon form. You managed to set the frost giants on fire and the yeti were allies against the giants and wyverns. The yeti took down one giant, but ran when the wyverns changed sides after a frost giant attacked Livvy. The frost giant died at the teeth, wings, and poisoned tails of three wyverns after critically hitting Livvy with his greataxe causing her to fall to the ground in a pool of blood.

Sean & Shiro went to aid Livvy despite the wyvern towering over her as Ryan headed into the caravan to deal with the wyverns gone amuck. Dirk fell to the Wyverns. Sean left Livvy to Shiro and came to aid Ryan with the Wyverns in the ‘van. To prevent himself being eaten as he healed Livvy enough that she could survive the change into her true form, Shiro claimed that he was the DragonNamed’s. He also told the Wyverns that the Yeti and the Caravan were the DragonNamed’s. Shiro went to get Sean as Livvy went to confront Erica about the whole DragonNamed bit. Sean, Shiro & Ryan walked into an argument between the ladies in dragon form. Erica sent Shiro from the vardo as he had claimed she belonged to the DragonNamed. The three of them still had to complete guard/scout duty before they could turn in for the night.

The next morning there was 10’ of snow covering the ground & the lower part of the vardos. Sean got taken to collect holly and given the rest of the day off. Shiro was thanked by Busby, Anku, and Meimei for saving the caravan with his choice of words. Rashid let Shiro know that his mistress wished to invite him back to the vardo before being told that Livvy could speak for herself. She had won the vardo in a dice game with Erica that morning. Sharn and Squirt moved themselves into her vardo with Rashid’s help since they belong to Livvy. The next day Ryan got to go ice fishing and everyone else had the day off (including Sean!).

The following day the caravan started heading out. You recognized the feel of a magic storm waning and noticed five desert clad newcomers in the snow. You rescue them and the female shaman of the group accused Shiro of smelling like a Lammasu. Midday you spotted some Pegasus and were able to play with the young ones after Shiro gave in to one of them trying to get his attention. The adult stallion only allowed you to play with the younglings after Shiro claimed you as companions. Ryan worked on shoveling snow so the caravan could move faster. Erica in her dragon form joined him and showed him how fire worked better and the caravan started moving at a dragons pace instead of slow crawl.

That evening cards appeared in the vardo and you were able to draw twice from the pile before it disappeared in a puff of blue smoke. Ryan got gems and learning in a skill. Sean got learning in two skills. Shiro got learning in a skill and enmity with an outsider. Livvy got learning in a skill and two wishes. Her first wish was to see your counterparts. Shiro’s sister was praying for the safety of the one who would come to bring her home and it was noticed that she bears the scars of imprisonment and torture. The Guardian of the Fangwood was feeding a young unicorn filly. A trident in an ornate display case hovered in front of Ryan. And an orc girl child appeared before Livvy. Nothing clear beyond her face in the wavering candlelight wherever she was. Her second wish was that in the time of their greatest need aid come to them in the way they needed it most. Ryan returned to his vardo and the others turned in for the night.

Livvy woke Sean up for his training after having let wolf puppy (who moved in with the boys) out. Taboo is waiting outside for him having given him two days without lessons. [Thus starts the next session.]


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