Magic Has Gone Awry

Session 4 Overview

Caravan leaving morning: Sean gets kicked out of bed and dropped off at Taboo’s campfire by Rashid. He gets to demonstrate his cantrips before having the experience of saddling Petra and being taken off to scout. Taboo tags along as a Petranodon like Petra. Taboo makes Petra shake Sean off and he is forced to wonder in rough terrain. Emera brought him his clothes as a a cute little bunny rabbit and then took off as a hawk.

At the Caravan, Shiro encounters the djinni Rashid outside the caravan before he does katas alongside MeiMei, Shardis, and Jenny. Jenny turns it into a teaching session. Livvy flavors up her oatmeal with honey and fruit and offers Shiro a bite. She later takes him a bowl of oatmeal before joining the orphan boys. Shiro gives oatmeal to MeiMei, Shardis, and Jenny. The carvaners treat this as him declining interest in her. The majority of the caravan lads give Livvy presents and she hides herself in the vardo as a dragon. Shiro talks her out of her dragon form and they express interest in each other. They start draconic lessons as the vardo begins moving out when they were talking.

Sean rejoins the caravan and Shiro and he have a discussion about things from the pasts and how they think things are being hidden from Livvy. They get their first drill experience as Bey and Kreya announce incoming party of orcs. Sean gets assigned to work with Dirk as a animal calmer and told he’ll be put on the guard rotation. Shiro gets assigned to work with Raine as an assistant healer and told he’ll be put on the guard rotation. Livvy gets assigned as a childwatcher (with Tersk) and told she’ll be added to the scout rotation after a touch of training. LUNCH is followed by the offer to scout with Bey and Kreya.

They encounter 2 trolls and 12 hobgoblins who have two slaves. A shambling mound aids Sean in helping with the trolls (which is really good since Sean now adds hobgoblins to the list of dangerous creatures on Roc’s Way, entangle worked really well though). Shiro tried to send Livvy back with the two rescued slaves and did not succeed at that. Sean stands guard by the shambling mound as the caravan passes. A book of How to Speak Treant and three armbands of the roc riders is the majority of your treasure. The lads finally have their talk with Livvy and she doesn’t want to know about her past. They leave that alone.

The next morning Sean is on time to training and finds out he is “Treant Touched” and intelligent plants will recognize this. Bidden the history keeper/cook had heard of this, but no records indicate anyone being Treant Touched in over 1500 years on Roc’s Way. Taboo had not and does give Sean the day off as her brother force feeds her into not arguing with him. Uneventful day traveling. Sean and Shiro are given guard duty that evening and Livvy scout duty. A group of satyrs/fauns try to take people away. Sean is charmed. Livvy gets Dirk, Bidden, Erica, and Kreya, but everyone else was asleep or not to be found. Shiro attacked female faun with pipes, who surrendered to him. Erica’s solution was to change into her true shape and kick on frightful presence. Dirk was alarmed at the adult gold dragon appearing beside him (he didn’t know Erica was a dragon). Bidden collected stuff the faun surrendered. Dirk took the book from the faun that was more interested in the Footprint Book than seducing anyone. Nature’s allies appeared alongside the six charmed npcs and either removed the satyrs or the the people (Meimei, Raine, Anku, Dreamer, Namo and Shardis). Taboo herself as a Petranodon took the satyr girl away from Sean. Shiro went to aid Livvy in dealing with a satyr that seemed to really want to take her away. Satyrs fled, Erica turned back into her human form and returned to her vardo.

Shiro, Sean, and Livvy finished their guard/scout duty and then played a game of towers. Sean won. They retired for the night. The two orphan boys, Sharn and Squirt were curled up in Livvy’s bed with a wolf puppy. Livvy curled up with them. Shiro overslept from waking Sean up. Livvy woke Sean up so he could be on time for lessons as she was taking the puppy out. Sean got to see Livvy tuck the puppy in with Shiro as he was headed out. Taboo is not at her campsite, but the cute little faun that lured Sean away is. [Thus starts the next session.]


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