Magic Has Gone Awry

Session 13 Overview

Sean begins training with Taboo again with the assistance of Rig O’Shea and Josie. Meimei presents Isolde, the intelligent trident, to Ryan. The caravan agrees to travel the Old Ways in hopes of reaching Xiomara before the volcano erupts. On the way through the Old Ways, the Caravan is attacked. Sean & Josie face two magma oozes (1 crystalline, 1 poisonous) at the rear of the caravan. Livvy & Ryan take down 10 fungal crawlers that tried to make it through the gap between the lead and rear vardo groups. Shiro & Hex faced three mephits (1 fire, 1 magma, 1 steam) and an elder fire elemental at the front of the caravan.

Toralien telepathically bonded Sean to Josie and Sean went out of the Old Ways and ended up in the plane of shadow. Josie fetched him back and they tried again in the front of the Caravan and reached Xiomara where they were greeted by Ariti. The Caravan safely makes it into Xiomara, a dry city, and settle into the inn. Ariti arrives the next morning to show the group the way to see the sphinx and exchanges words with Sean over the fact she merely calls Josie “Aasimar”. Everyone passes through the portal to the Sphinx’s Isle after drawing a card and tossing it into the black rainbow. Ryan gets elementally blessed by becoming a Sylph, Isolde more diplomatic, Sean more stealthy, Shiro must choose daily which oracle path he calls on fire or lore, Josie gained strong magics, Mizra became more perceptive, and Livvy almost died fighting an erinyes (arrived in dragon form and bloody). NOTE: Livvy did not have her warhammer when she changed back to her true half-elf form.

The Sphinx tells you a story and then asks you what is a dragon’s fire. The group comes to realize that for Mizra to return to her true form, a dragon, she must walk through molten fire. Temperbrand, the fire elemental Ryan has met before, would be acceptable and Ryan must successfully train his hippogriff for that to happen. Ryan spends day training his hippogriff. Sean is taken to lessons where Rig turns him into a snake five times and Josie a chick and rabbit. Shiro escorts Livvy (still sore and wounded) to a meeting with Regent Cerice and Advisor Cass (draconal). Josie takes Tempest and leaves town arriving back shortly before curfew totally drunk. She does present her sword to Sean to sharpen, but does not stay to complete his watch with him.


Megiana Megiana

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