Magic Has Gone Awry

Session 12 Overview

Sean has dinner with Josie which is interrupted by Bris the Brash and Peach. Sean returns to Observatory accompanied by “BrishBrash” as he calls the ancient brass Dragon of the Ruins. Ryan goes fishing and the herald Temperbrand (Fire Elemental) of Gorum via Lil’s truespeech informs him that if he can ride the mount provided he will be champion of Gorum. Shiro & Livvy take Tamera to be healed and trade the oni’s equipment for stuff for Tamera and coins.

The show of the morning is Ryan trying to ride a wild adult hippogriff. Ielenia declined the dragon’s appointment as Livvy’s adviser, but swears to serve the queen in waiting however needed. Morgan is crowned by Livvy and under direct questioning declares his love for Ielenia. Shiro (using ghost sounds) eggs Morgan into proposing. Taboo (via crystal ball) adds to the encouragement. Sean delivers the ring Livvy got from winning a bet with Tendaurix to Morgan as he tells him he’s not proposing right. Ryan has managed to get his hippogriff to walk with him riding by the time everyone rejoins. Then Ryan goes to get a saddle for the hippogriff. The healer delivers “Hex” to be escorted to Xiomara. Peach says goodbye to Josie by slamming her with inflicting wounds magic. Sean loses a bet to BrishBrash by revealing that Peach broke Josie’s curse. Sean is now obliged to get married before leaving Roc’s Way and realized the folly of trying to welsh on a bargain with a dragon. Morgan & Ielenia come to send them off and it is noted that she is wearing the ring (thus she said yes).

Once on the way, Ryan keeps trying to fall off the hippogriff which is captured by “Hex” as he jumps from Sean’s roc revealing his true nature as a silver dragon. Ryan gets to ride Hex until you encounter a young red dragon who goes to attack Hex. You defeat the red dragon and also the lycanthropes that were on the ground. Shiro picks up a cursed blade, but is freed from the curse by the Phoenix of the Twin Stars.

Travel through the Old Ways is rather uneventful for the first five days other than that Tamera curls up in front of the guys door and Josie does not sleep in the vardo. Watches are 1st (Josie & Ryan – primarily work on training hippogriff), 2nd (Livvy & Shiro – family and obligations of royalty), 3rd (Hex & Haruka – fears of leaving Roc’s Way from both of them), and 4th (Sean & Tamera – the Way Guard Clan stories of the Old Ways are passed on). Josie wakens and sharpens Sean’s blade and re-wraps it at the start of his watch each night.

Travel on Day 6 runs you into a Dark Stalker and 10 Dark Creepers about a hour into travel. About noon you reach the nexus point with six doors. Outside one door noise is heard and it is determined that it is the two boys (Sharn & Squirt) and Taboo. You exit the Old Ways are are welcomed into the Caravan. Interactions within the Caravan vary by person. Ryan goes fishing with Silver Thorn after talking to Meimei about a Trident. Sean (with the if you’re jealous do something about it speach from Shiro) goes to spend time with Josie and Rig. Sean asks Josie to take first watch with him to which she agrees leading to a direct offer by Rig which upset both Sean & Josie. Shiro talks with his ex-bethrothed Akina and sends Livvy to talk to Toralien Silence. Taboo sends Livvy off on a walk with Shiro to see the glade of Desna and talks to Rashid and briefly to Josie who is seeing to two petradons (Sucre [veteran], Spitfire [mostly wild]) and her pegasi (Spotted Wing [young, but trained]).

{Game play will resume at dinner time.}


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