Magic Has Gone Awry

Session 11 Overview

Flying lessons to test equipment started your morning. Everyone went different ways to get ready for the party. Shiro hunted down Josie to invite her. Livvy met with the dragons. Sean ordered dresses for the girls, got hit on by a pretty girl who told him what he wanted to know and then promptly sliced him open with a greatsword leaving him to die. Josie spotted him and ended up taking him to the priestess of Pharasma which saved his life. Josie and Sean end up getting an engagement present for Shiro & Livvy. Everyone meets up at The Cherry Blossom for the birthday party which had a surprise proposal by Shiro which led to the engagement of Shiro & Livvy. The next morning, Shiro learns that a doppelganger has been in the temple and an oni came to visit her from the little werebear cub that is going to be taken home by the Roc Riders. The group of Shiro, Livvy, Sean, Josie, and Ryan defeat the doppelganger and the oni. {Oni battle took place around dusk.}

Plans for the next morning are to leave for Xiomara. (Rashid, Sean, Shiro, Ryan, Livvy, Mizra, Josie, Haruka, and Tamera.)


Megiana Megiana

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