Magic Has Gone Awry

Session 10 Overview

Ryan Stronghands Shutter was escorted by the Agathion Lil to the Temple for Shiro’s Duel. She had walked him, Mizra, and Sophia through the shifting planes/demiplanes yesterday after Ryan rescued the girls from the haunted cottage by ultimately killing the attic whisperer.

After breakfast at the Palace of the Gods (where Sean spoke with the goddess Shelyn), you avoided the giant spiders by going out the back door. Josie escorted Sean, Shiro, and Livvy to the duel. Sean was not granted admittance even after petitioning the Headmistress. Josie interceded stating he would stand as witness for House Ilkey. Shiro won the right to see his sister and while she was being brought Josie tested the skills of his opponent as the headmistress had made part of the deal for Sean to get in.

After tea with Haruka, the four of you are escorted to the Deepwood by Josie and Lil. You encounter 5 hellhounds on one of the planes. Notin, druid of the Deepwood, greets you and informs you that only one of you is hunted you may not enter the Deepwood. He does go and get you the koniginwitwe Ilkey who rules the Deepwood. She hears Sean’s petition to speak to the Guardian of the Fangwood and sends Josie to go get her. Entling Sugarsap talked to Sean with the dubious permission of the Entwife Sugar Star. Shiro talked to the koniginwitwe about Josie and how she knows her.

The presence of the Fangwood Guardian is announced by her filly nuzzling Shiro and trying to get him to play. With her is a black unicorn who is her 4 year old son and sire of Dale (who you met with Cadryl). She is willing to go now if desired to return to the Fangwood taking her filly with her. Josie brought Agsil back to the Deepwood while you were talking with the unicorns. Agsil’s parents come to thank you at the end your meeting and offer to have one of them escort you alongside Josie or extend hospitality to the one who remains behind. You take them up on the escort (missing a chance to enter the Deepwood proper).

You return to the observatory and are greeted with great pleasure and relief. Josie takes her leave as she is not staying in the house of the assassin when she doesn’t have to. Sean contacts Bidden via the crystal ball with Sophia and Livvy’s help. He learns that the caravan is in Woyzeck and will be heading to Xiomara after Dirk weds his nymph on the morrow. Meimei is taking an ornate trident that she had a custom order for. Taboo cannot send Josie and Peach home without both being willing to return. Sean incidentally gets told tomorrow is Josie’s birthday.

Shiro asks for a meeting with the headmistress and is ordered to appear that evening. He does and learns a lot of political information and that the dragons have been called to offer Livvy rule of Roc’s Way. He shares this information with his fellow Roc Riders before bed.


Megiana Megiana

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