Magic Has Gone Awry

Session 13 Overview

Sean begins training with Taboo again with the assistance of Rig O’Shea and Josie. Meimei presents Isolde, the intelligent trident, to Ryan. The caravan agrees to travel the Old Ways in hopes of reaching Xiomara before the volcano erupts. On the way through the Old Ways, the Caravan is attacked. Sean & Josie face two magma oozes (1 crystalline, 1 poisonous) at the rear of the caravan. Livvy & Ryan take down 10 fungal crawlers that tried to make it through the gap between the lead and rear vardo groups. Shiro & Hex faced three mephits (1 fire, 1 magma, 1 steam) and an elder fire elemental at the front of the caravan.

Toralien telepathically bonded Sean to Josie and Sean went out of the Old Ways and ended up in the plane of shadow. Josie fetched him back and they tried again in the front of the Caravan and reached Xiomara where they were greeted by Ariti. The Caravan safely makes it into Xiomara, a dry city, and settle into the inn. Ariti arrives the next morning to show the group the way to see the sphinx and exchanges words with Sean over the fact she merely calls Josie “Aasimar”. Everyone passes through the portal to the Sphinx’s Isle after drawing a card and tossing it into the black rainbow. Ryan gets elementally blessed by becoming a Sylph, Isolde more diplomatic, Sean more stealthy, Shiro must choose daily which oracle path he calls on fire or lore, Josie gained strong magics, Mizra became more perceptive, and Livvy almost died fighting an erinyes (arrived in dragon form and bloody). NOTE: Livvy did not have her warhammer when she changed back to her true half-elf form.

The Sphinx tells you a story and then asks you what is a dragon’s fire. The group comes to realize that for Mizra to return to her true form, a dragon, she must walk through molten fire. Temperbrand, the fire elemental Ryan has met before, would be acceptable and Ryan must successfully train his hippogriff for that to happen. Ryan spends day training his hippogriff. Sean is taken to lessons where Rig turns him into a snake five times and Josie a chick and rabbit. Shiro escorts Livvy (still sore and wounded) to a meeting with Regent Cerice and Advisor Cass (draconal). Josie takes Tempest and leaves town arriving back shortly before curfew totally drunk. She does present her sword to Sean to sharpen, but does not stay to complete his watch with him.

Session 12 Overview

Sean has dinner with Josie which is interrupted by Bris the Brash and Peach. Sean returns to Observatory accompanied by “BrishBrash” as he calls the ancient brass Dragon of the Ruins. Ryan goes fishing and the herald Temperbrand (Fire Elemental) of Gorum via Lil’s truespeech informs him that if he can ride the mount provided he will be champion of Gorum. Shiro & Livvy take Tamera to be healed and trade the oni’s equipment for stuff for Tamera and coins.

The show of the morning is Ryan trying to ride a wild adult hippogriff. Ielenia declined the dragon’s appointment as Livvy’s adviser, but swears to serve the queen in waiting however needed. Morgan is crowned by Livvy and under direct questioning declares his love for Ielenia. Shiro (using ghost sounds) eggs Morgan into proposing. Taboo (via crystal ball) adds to the encouragement. Sean delivers the ring Livvy got from winning a bet with Tendaurix to Morgan as he tells him he’s not proposing right. Ryan has managed to get his hippogriff to walk with him riding by the time everyone rejoins. Then Ryan goes to get a saddle for the hippogriff. The healer delivers “Hex” to be escorted to Xiomara. Peach says goodbye to Josie by slamming her with inflicting wounds magic. Sean loses a bet to BrishBrash by revealing that Peach broke Josie’s curse. Sean is now obliged to get married before leaving Roc’s Way and realized the folly of trying to welsh on a bargain with a dragon. Morgan & Ielenia come to send them off and it is noted that she is wearing the ring (thus she said yes).

Once on the way, Ryan keeps trying to fall off the hippogriff which is captured by “Hex” as he jumps from Sean’s roc revealing his true nature as a silver dragon. Ryan gets to ride Hex until you encounter a young red dragon who goes to attack Hex. You defeat the red dragon and also the lycanthropes that were on the ground. Shiro picks up a cursed blade, but is freed from the curse by the Phoenix of the Twin Stars.

Travel through the Old Ways is rather uneventful for the first five days other than that Tamera curls up in front of the guys door and Josie does not sleep in the vardo. Watches are 1st (Josie & Ryan – primarily work on training hippogriff), 2nd (Livvy & Shiro – family and obligations of royalty), 3rd (Hex & Haruka – fears of leaving Roc’s Way from both of them), and 4th (Sean & Tamera – the Way Guard Clan stories of the Old Ways are passed on). Josie wakens and sharpens Sean’s blade and re-wraps it at the start of his watch each night.

Travel on Day 6 runs you into a Dark Stalker and 10 Dark Creepers about a hour into travel. About noon you reach the nexus point with six doors. Outside one door noise is heard and it is determined that it is the two boys (Sharn & Squirt) and Taboo. You exit the Old Ways are are welcomed into the Caravan. Interactions within the Caravan vary by person. Ryan goes fishing with Silver Thorn after talking to Meimei about a Trident. Sean (with the if you’re jealous do something about it speach from Shiro) goes to spend time with Josie and Rig. Sean asks Josie to take first watch with him to which she agrees leading to a direct offer by Rig which upset both Sean & Josie. Shiro talks with his ex-bethrothed Akina and sends Livvy to talk to Toralien Silence. Taboo sends Livvy off on a walk with Shiro to see the glade of Desna and talks to Rashid and briefly to Josie who is seeing to two petradons (Sucre [veteran], Spitfire [mostly wild]) and her pegasi (Spotted Wing [young, but trained]).

{Game play will resume at dinner time.}

Session 11 Overview

Flying lessons to test equipment started your morning. Everyone went different ways to get ready for the party. Shiro hunted down Josie to invite her. Livvy met with the dragons. Sean ordered dresses for the girls, got hit on by a pretty girl who told him what he wanted to know and then promptly sliced him open with a greatsword leaving him to die. Josie spotted him and ended up taking him to the priestess of Pharasma which saved his life. Josie and Sean end up getting an engagement present for Shiro & Livvy. Everyone meets up at The Cherry Blossom for the birthday party which had a surprise proposal by Shiro which led to the engagement of Shiro & Livvy. The next morning, Shiro learns that a doppelganger has been in the temple and an oni came to visit her from the little werebear cub that is going to be taken home by the Roc Riders. The group of Shiro, Livvy, Sean, Josie, and Ryan defeat the doppelganger and the oni. {Oni battle took place around dusk.}

Plans for the next morning are to leave for Xiomara. (Rashid, Sean, Shiro, Ryan, Livvy, Mizra, Josie, Haruka, and Tamera.)

Session 10 Overview

Ryan Stronghands Shutter was escorted by the Agathion Lil to the Temple for Shiro’s Duel. She had walked him, Mizra, and Sophia through the shifting planes/demiplanes yesterday after Ryan rescued the girls from the haunted cottage by ultimately killing the attic whisperer.

After breakfast at the Palace of the Gods (where Sean spoke with the goddess Shelyn), you avoided the giant spiders by going out the back door. Josie escorted Sean, Shiro, and Livvy to the duel. Sean was not granted admittance even after petitioning the Headmistress. Josie interceded stating he would stand as witness for House Ilkey. Shiro won the right to see his sister and while she was being brought Josie tested the skills of his opponent as the headmistress had made part of the deal for Sean to get in.

After tea with Haruka, the four of you are escorted to the Deepwood by Josie and Lil. You encounter 5 hellhounds on one of the planes. Notin, druid of the Deepwood, greets you and informs you that only one of you is hunted you may not enter the Deepwood. He does go and get you the koniginwitwe Ilkey who rules the Deepwood. She hears Sean’s petition to speak to the Guardian of the Fangwood and sends Josie to go get her. Entling Sugarsap talked to Sean with the dubious permission of the Entwife Sugar Star. Shiro talked to the koniginwitwe about Josie and how she knows her.

The presence of the Fangwood Guardian is announced by her filly nuzzling Shiro and trying to get him to play. With her is a black unicorn who is her 4 year old son and sire of Dale (who you met with Cadryl). She is willing to go now if desired to return to the Fangwood taking her filly with her. Josie brought Agsil back to the Deepwood while you were talking with the unicorns. Agsil’s parents come to thank you at the end your meeting and offer to have one of them escort you alongside Josie or extend hospitality to the one who remains behind. You take them up on the escort (missing a chance to enter the Deepwood proper).

You return to the observatory and are greeted with great pleasure and relief. Josie takes her leave as she is not staying in the house of the assassin when she doesn’t have to. Sean contacts Bidden via the crystal ball with Sophia and Livvy’s help. He learns that the caravan is in Woyzeck and will be heading to Xiomara after Dirk weds his nymph on the morrow. Meimei is taking an ornate trident that she had a custom order for. Taboo cannot send Josie and Peach home without both being willing to return. Sean incidentally gets told tomorrow is Josie’s birthday.

Shiro asks for a meeting with the headmistress and is ordered to appear that evening. He does and learns a lot of political information and that the dragons have been called to offer Livvy rule of Roc’s Way. He shares this information with his fellow Roc Riders before bed.

Session 9 Overview

Everyone was woke in the night to see the comet going through the twin stars and changing their colors. In the morning, your guides wake you at “dawn” – predawn and encourage you to check on your rocs as this is the expected custom. There you encounter Josie who is given leave to speak freely by Shiro. She lets you know what kind of gear you need for mounted combat.

You visit the Pagoda of the past and find a set of equipment is disrepair, a book that has recorded your deeds and records your visit as you watch, ranged aerial tactics used by past roc riders, and that the Stormwatcher has died 150 times by Livvy’s calculations. A skipping gypsy type boy starts following you as you leave the museum and you figure out that he is actually Tendaurix the great wyrm gold dragon. You are taken to his winery and enjoy a fine glass of wine as your basic (and most expensive) equipment is fetched from his hoard.

Josie leads you to The Wyvern’s Wing where you meet Blue Eyes who seems familiar with what you need for mounted combat and is willing to come measure your rocs for battle beaks and claws. He tries to get to take Josie to lunch, but you don’t let him. Shiro pulls a smooth one and sends Sean & Josie to lunch at the Twisted Wing where Sean’s guide is not allowed in not because she’s a dhampir but because she’s a member of the assassin’s guild. Shiro takes Livvy to lunch at the Cherry Blossom with their guides who eat in the establishment, not the garden. Josie gets Sean seriously drunk and then takes him plane stepping on the way back to the Rookery. Shiro and Livvy do individual shopping before returning to the Rookery to find out Sean is a happy drunk. Blue Eyes measures your rocs including Sean’s with Josie’s help in shutting Sean up. You all get a really good deal as you had rescued his half-sister Talon. Josie put Sean to bed and Shiro & Livvy went shopping for ranged weapons.

Everyone meets back up at the Moonlit Dream where Sean is dressed in a black kimono as Josie had stolen all his clothes. Josie shows up having bought a ticket for the tour. You watched sunset over the twin falls and see the rainbow effect that it is famous for. As you watch the stars come out, you notice a magic storm incoming. Rashid & Kamashid work together and get you back to the dock before the storm hits. You don’t have a lot of time to go anywhere and Josie suggests you come back to where she’s staying as it’s close. You are taken to the Palace of the Gods which is a lovely establishment. The not so lovely part is that you are set up into combat with two succubi.

You survive. Livvy takes a drunk Shiro to bed. Sean ends up having a rough edged conversation with Josie after he follows her out into the storm and gets her come back.

Session 8 Overview

Shiro had made symbols for the Roc Riders and gave them to Sean & Livvy. Livvy collected gargoyle dust and made three weapon blanches while Sean & Shiro did their meditations. She gave each of you one silver blanched weapon. The Roc Riders went to war against a kyton and three doppelgangers while Ryan defeated a slaver bare handed. The kyton’s chains almost destroyed Shiro, but as she whipped her chains into Livvy who had come to heal Shiro one chain tripped her and Livvy took the opportunity and finished her off with a burst of lightning arcing from her warhammer.

As Sean dismissed his mist and entangling plants, two young creatures (an orcling and a wolfling) were discovered to have been running to Livvy’s aid. They were reluctant to give way as a second group of slavers came in bringing with them warriors who had been hunting one of the young slaves. They died fighting with the exception of Vex Jera who surrendered immediately. Two military petradon riders came and the senior of the two, Commander Morgan, had words with Shiro ending in the two riders leaving and young Sophia recognizing that the Moonlit Dream would be coming.

Shiro intimidated the third group into giving up the three very young children who were not to be slaves, but were being brought as an offering of pets to the kyton. The drow Lilena agreed to spread word of the Roc Rider’s about. Just as the last of the freed slaves were finishing preparation for the airship to arrive a fourth party arrived. The group of five offered to give the four slaves up for the kyton’s chains. Livvy pegged this as a bounty hunting operation and the group of nine negotiated information on how to restore the orcling Mizra to her true form for the kyton’s chains. As a parting statement, the drow of the the group let it slip that the bounty on Mizra was higher than that on the kyton’s chains.

The Moonlit Dream arrived powered by Rashid’s daughter and Kamashid negotiated with Livvy that her father could come aboard if he powered the ship. Captain Anna and Livvy negotiated for two weapon blanche formulae in exchange for transporting everyone back and a true airship tour. Cmdr Morgan and Sgt MacDouglas escorted Livvy, Shiro, and the group of freed slaves back to the temple while Ryan and Sean escorted Vex Jera back to his mercenary guild and Calawyn to the seer Darkness. A fairy of the deepwood took the rocs to the rookery and everyone met back up there and were assigned rooms in the observatory for the night.

Session 7 Overview

Upon waking, Sean & Shiro discovered their god-touched weapons with their gear. Livvy had a crayon drawing from her niece, Nadia. Sean helps the boys make a wreath for Livvy and the three of them deliver it. When you go to have Apple check out your new weapons, you discover that they are masterwork and have magic, but are not magical. Anku informs you that you are to wear your armbands of the Roc Riders and bring your god-touched weapons, whatever they are, to dinner and have the dust removed from your clothes.

Formal party with feast followed by a the legendary ritual of the champions. Three rocs appear and seem inclined to belong to you. The three of you take the oath of the Roc Riders as well as having been blessed by the ritual. A storm of elements with lightning grows overhead and you found a black whirlpool above a pond that was a portal into the Old Ways. You finish enjoying the celebration at the party (with cake, music, and dancing).

After goodbyes to the Caravan, you enter the portal to the Old Ways. Sean asks Rashid (who insisted on coming with you) how old he was, which he didn’t answer by did state that he was old enough to know there were six doors in the room when you only saw five. Livvy disarms the shocking floor trap and Shiro figures out that your eyes are being deceived and the wall isn’t a wall despite how it looks. At the head of the Trade Ways, you find a map of the Trade Ways and Old Ways (with stone tablets version of the maps – at least one of which you pick up) and what appears to be a portal to other nations, but it seems blocked by the demiplanes that surround Roc’s Way.

You travel three days on the Trade Way and exit at a doorway about a week’s journey from Xing Xing Amal. You defeat 4 gargoyles while your rocs snack on griffons and Rashid talks to a phoenix that you didn’t see until the gargoyles were dead. The Phoenix of the Mountains of the Twin Stars tells you, after introductions, about the immediate surrounding area: Dragon, Dwarven settlement, and slavers. A decision is made to go after the slavers. An elven lady goes to enter the ruins of the Phoenix and you attempt to stop her until she looks at Sean and tells him, “Apprentice of my daughter, let me pass”.

Livvy spots a drow assassin hiding near the entrance to the ruins as you go to leave. After Livvy points him out, Shiro acknowledges him and Sean nods his way before turning away from him. Livvy doesn’t understand why you don’t want to go talk to him, but started to leave with you. She froze in place as he said something in undercommon which ended up being a warning that the red dragon was out hunting less than an hour away. You decided to stay in the part of the ruins by the well and Livvy went to talk to the drow. Shiro came back with her after she explained that she learned that he and his wife, the elf, were here because their youngest daughter had been taken by slavers on a school field trip to see the native wildlife (dinosaurs) in their natural habitat. Shiro invites Darkness, the drow, and his wife to enjoy their hospitality much to Sean’s distress.

Darkness and Peacemaker Rainfeather take up the offer and Rainfeather talks to the lads while Livvy and Darkness talk poisons and other dark arts. Rainfeather reveals that Peach MacDouglas is at the temple in Xing Xing Amal and arrived in the same storm as you three. Sean is informed that Peach was in the process of being betrothed to him.

Session 6 Overview

Sean helped Taboo prepare for the homesending ritual. Homesending ritual went off with the side effect of your mothers coming and Taboo being rendered unconcious. Livvy’s mother attacked both Shiro & Sean for interfering with the disciplining of her daughter. She remained less time than Sean & Shiro’s mothers. Sean’s mother made the entire caravan honorary members of the Clan MacMillan so that the rules of introductions dinna apply. Shiro’s mother made a favorable impression on the caravan. Everyone is thankful that Livvy kept her mother away from the caravan. After 17 hours, Taboo came round much to the relief of Bidden. An hour later, after some interesting exchanges between Sean’s mother and Taboo the last two mother’s left.

Livvy disappears (by abduction) after lunch and Dirk is poisoned and left for dead. Rashid finds Livvy and comes back and tells Sean & Shiro that he hopes they can get to her. As darkness falls, Sean & Shiro are greeted by Jarngerd and Arngeir in their true form (trumpet archons) and are told that they bar the way for a trial of the gods. Sean & Shiro both agree to wait to start their trials until Livvy’s trial begins (when tomorrow becomes today, the day she was born). Two gods and three champions await inside where Livvy is caged and manacled as her mother is being fed to the red mantis. Shiro realizes that the two evil gods are trying to trick them and that the only thing in the cage is the body of Livvy’s mother. Sean finds the treant Oakleaf who was trapped in the trial grounds. Shiro sees a copper tail hiding being the giant oak and they find Livvy. Hours pass and as midnight nears Druid Jennings appears to stand as witness for Gozreh. Hitsu Kinzo appears to stand as witness for Sarenrae. Tatters arrives last as a priestess of Torag to be the law speaker and judge of this trial. No one stands witness for Desna.

The chosen of the gods Gozreh, Sarenrae, and Desna are lucky creatures while the ones they are fighting (skeletal champion made from the corpse of Livvy’s father, a quasit, and a giant mantis) have cursed luck. Tattersail judges the chosen worthy to be champions and the representatives of the other gods disappear leaving behind the corpses of Livvy’s parents. Sean accepts the championship of Gozreh for the natural order of Roc’s Way. Shiro accepts the championship of Sarenrae for the good of the people of Roc’s Way. Livvy accepts the champsionship of Desna for the freedom of Roc’s Way after it is revealed what dragon named her. Shiro and his father both recognize that Waybringer is not just some dragon it is Aspu, the god of dragons who named her. Livvy doesn’t totally buy this. You are granted 30 minutes with those who present you the gifts of the gods for becoming their champions if you wish it (and you did). Once championships are accepted the wall goes down. Rashid and Oakleaf enter, Taboo & Petra are flying above the trial grounds.

You burn the bodies of Livvy’s parents per her request so that there is no chance they will come back again. Taboo takes you to meet Fiacre, her husband, so that you can see what you are fighting for. The evil that is trying to take over this land will turn a good man into a raving beast. You are told that if you tell Bidden her husband lives, you will not. As dawn comes, Sean is taken by Taboo to Bidden’s vardo and Shiro takes Livvy to hers. You will be sleeping for the start of the morning as you have been up all night.

[Game play will resume at dusk on Livvy’s birthday; the day you became champions of Roc’s Way.]

Gifts of the gods to their champions:

All – Divine favor : Turn in chip for (1) automatic hit on target, on anything besides a 1 it is a confirmed critical hit, (2) use of a spell on your spell list even if you did not prepare it [does not count against your usage of spells per day], or (3) change known spell for any spell on your list [includes spells on the elemental wizard list of equal level to spells granted by being touched by the elements].

Sean – Druid’s Vestaments & Ring of Animal Friendship

Shiro – Monk’s Robes

Livvy – Elven Chain, Formulae for making weapons blanches (cold iron, silver, and adamantine), Plain black robe of useful things

Session 5 Overview

Sean chose to go with Petra to Taboo instead of staying with Eve. He got to see sunrise diminish the full moon and southern lights and learned the portends that this spells a storm coming in. After climbing down a steep mountainside, he collected mistletoe and got the traditional kiss on the cheek from Taboo. They walked to meet the Caravan as a snow storm moved in.

The storm hit the caravan very rapidly. The scouts (Bey, Kreya, and apprentice Livvy) scrambled to find someplace before the worst of the storm hit. Bey got lost and ended up tripping over Sean and Taboo. Kreya found a slight windbreak, but Livvy stumbled onto a grove by seeing something red & shiny which you later figure out was probably a yeti eye. The caravan straggled into the grove as the conditions became blizzard like. Shiro & Sean were on guard duty, Livvy on scout, and Ryan was aiding with settling the caravan in. Ryan & Sean paired up. Livvy & Shiro did the same. Sean & Shiro started magically lighting the caravan lights. Ryan heard a sound he interpreted as talking and pointed it out to Sean. Their stopping alerted Shiro & Livvy who went to join them. Livvy understood the voices and realized that the lights had attracted the attention of what the group assumed were Yeti. She blew her I found something scout whistle to alert the caravan and yelled out an invitation to parley that they didn’t have to fight.

Shiro threw a dancing light into the blizzard. One of the Yeti came to the light to parley and passed on that there were giants and wyverns out hunting. Before having a chance to interact further, you heard the giants enter the fray. As battle commenced the storm started lessening in intensity (~10 minutes after the caravan circled into the grove). Livvy fought in her dragon form. You managed to set the frost giants on fire and the yeti were allies against the giants and wyverns. The yeti took down one giant, but ran when the wyverns changed sides after a frost giant attacked Livvy. The frost giant died at the teeth, wings, and poisoned tails of three wyverns after critically hitting Livvy with his greataxe causing her to fall to the ground in a pool of blood.

Sean & Shiro went to aid Livvy despite the wyvern towering over her as Ryan headed into the caravan to deal with the wyverns gone amuck. Dirk fell to the Wyverns. Sean left Livvy to Shiro and came to aid Ryan with the Wyverns in the ‘van. To prevent himself being eaten as he healed Livvy enough that she could survive the change into her true form, Shiro claimed that he was the DragonNamed’s. He also told the Wyverns that the Yeti and the Caravan were the DragonNamed’s. Shiro went to get Sean as Livvy went to confront Erica about the whole DragonNamed bit. Sean, Shiro & Ryan walked into an argument between the ladies in dragon form. Erica sent Shiro from the vardo as he had claimed she belonged to the DragonNamed. The three of them still had to complete guard/scout duty before they could turn in for the night.

The next morning there was 10’ of snow covering the ground & the lower part of the vardos. Sean got taken to collect holly and given the rest of the day off. Shiro was thanked by Busby, Anku, and Meimei for saving the caravan with his choice of words. Rashid let Shiro know that his mistress wished to invite him back to the vardo before being told that Livvy could speak for herself. She had won the vardo in a dice game with Erica that morning. Sharn and Squirt moved themselves into her vardo with Rashid’s help since they belong to Livvy. The next day Ryan got to go ice fishing and everyone else had the day off (including Sean!).

The following day the caravan started heading out. You recognized the feel of a magic storm waning and noticed five desert clad newcomers in the snow. You rescue them and the female shaman of the group accused Shiro of smelling like a Lammasu. Midday you spotted some Pegasus and were able to play with the young ones after Shiro gave in to one of them trying to get his attention. The adult stallion only allowed you to play with the younglings after Shiro claimed you as companions. Ryan worked on shoveling snow so the caravan could move faster. Erica in her dragon form joined him and showed him how fire worked better and the caravan started moving at a dragons pace instead of slow crawl.

That evening cards appeared in the vardo and you were able to draw twice from the pile before it disappeared in a puff of blue smoke. Ryan got gems and learning in a skill. Sean got learning in two skills. Shiro got learning in a skill and enmity with an outsider. Livvy got learning in a skill and two wishes. Her first wish was to see your counterparts. Shiro’s sister was praying for the safety of the one who would come to bring her home and it was noticed that she bears the scars of imprisonment and torture. The Guardian of the Fangwood was feeding a young unicorn filly. A trident in an ornate display case hovered in front of Ryan. And an orc girl child appeared before Livvy. Nothing clear beyond her face in the wavering candlelight wherever she was. Her second wish was that in the time of their greatest need aid come to them in the way they needed it most. Ryan returned to his vardo and the others turned in for the night.

Livvy woke Sean up for his training after having let wolf puppy (who moved in with the boys) out. Taboo is waiting outside for him having given him two days without lessons. [Thus starts the next session.]

Session 4 Overview

Caravan leaving morning: Sean gets kicked out of bed and dropped off at Taboo’s campfire by Rashid. He gets to demonstrate his cantrips before having the experience of saddling Petra and being taken off to scout. Taboo tags along as a Petranodon like Petra. Taboo makes Petra shake Sean off and he is forced to wonder in rough terrain. Emera brought him his clothes as a a cute little bunny rabbit and then took off as a hawk.

At the Caravan, Shiro encounters the djinni Rashid outside the caravan before he does katas alongside MeiMei, Shardis, and Jenny. Jenny turns it into a teaching session. Livvy flavors up her oatmeal with honey and fruit and offers Shiro a bite. She later takes him a bowl of oatmeal before joining the orphan boys. Shiro gives oatmeal to MeiMei, Shardis, and Jenny. The carvaners treat this as him declining interest in her. The majority of the caravan lads give Livvy presents and she hides herself in the vardo as a dragon. Shiro talks her out of her dragon form and they express interest in each other. They start draconic lessons as the vardo begins moving out when they were talking.

Sean rejoins the caravan and Shiro and he have a discussion about things from the pasts and how they think things are being hidden from Livvy. They get their first drill experience as Bey and Kreya announce incoming party of orcs. Sean gets assigned to work with Dirk as a animal calmer and told he’ll be put on the guard rotation. Shiro gets assigned to work with Raine as an assistant healer and told he’ll be put on the guard rotation. Livvy gets assigned as a childwatcher (with Tersk) and told she’ll be added to the scout rotation after a touch of training. LUNCH is followed by the offer to scout with Bey and Kreya.

They encounter 2 trolls and 12 hobgoblins who have two slaves. A shambling mound aids Sean in helping with the trolls (which is really good since Sean now adds hobgoblins to the list of dangerous creatures on Roc’s Way, entangle worked really well though). Shiro tried to send Livvy back with the two rescued slaves and did not succeed at that. Sean stands guard by the shambling mound as the caravan passes. A book of How to Speak Treant and three armbands of the roc riders is the majority of your treasure. The lads finally have their talk with Livvy and she doesn’t want to know about her past. They leave that alone.

The next morning Sean is on time to training and finds out he is “Treant Touched” and intelligent plants will recognize this. Bidden the history keeper/cook had heard of this, but no records indicate anyone being Treant Touched in over 1500 years on Roc’s Way. Taboo had not and does give Sean the day off as her brother force feeds her into not arguing with him. Uneventful day traveling. Sean and Shiro are given guard duty that evening and Livvy scout duty. A group of satyrs/fauns try to take people away. Sean is charmed. Livvy gets Dirk, Bidden, Erica, and Kreya, but everyone else was asleep or not to be found. Shiro attacked female faun with pipes, who surrendered to him. Erica’s solution was to change into her true shape and kick on frightful presence. Dirk was alarmed at the adult gold dragon appearing beside him (he didn’t know Erica was a dragon). Bidden collected stuff the faun surrendered. Dirk took the book from the faun that was more interested in the Footprint Book than seducing anyone. Nature’s allies appeared alongside the six charmed npcs and either removed the satyrs or the the people (Meimei, Raine, Anku, Dreamer, Namo and Shardis). Taboo herself as a Petranodon took the satyr girl away from Sean. Shiro went to aid Livvy in dealing with a satyr that seemed to really want to take her away. Satyrs fled, Erica turned back into her human form and returned to her vardo.

Shiro, Sean, and Livvy finished their guard/scout duty and then played a game of towers. Sean won. They retired for the night. The two orphan boys, Sharn and Squirt were curled up in Livvy’s bed with a wolf puppy. Livvy curled up with them. Shiro overslept from waking Sean up. Livvy woke Sean up so he could be on time for lessons as she was taking the puppy out. Sean got to see Livvy tuck the puppy in with Shiro as he was headed out. Taboo is not at her campsite, but the cute little faun that lured Sean away is. [Thus starts the next session.]


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